Female Catholic Saints

Female Catholic Saints

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Female Catholic Saints

Female Catholic Saints
The term 'Saints' is used in Christian religions to describe a person who is perceived of being an example of great holiness and virtue and considered capable of interceding with God on behalf of a person who prayed to them. A person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization. The Roman Catholic Church has an official process for creating saints. The women who have been created as female Catholic saints are recognised for their virtue and the contribution they have made to the Christian religion.

Many of the great female Catholic saints lost their lives in their service to the church and died for their faith and beliefs. Other female Catholic saints are remembered as the mothers of important saints.

Biographies of Female Catholic Saints
The following list provides links to the biographies of Female Catholic Saints featured on this website:

Biographies of Female Catholic Saints

Saint Bertha, Widow, Abbess
Saint Bibiana, Virgin and Martyr

Female Catholic Patron Saints
There are many Female Catholic Saints who are patron saints of various causes including St. Anne for Grandmothers, St. Rita for Loneliness, St. Cecile for Musicians, St. Camillus for Nurses, St. Dorothy for Brides, St. Margaret for Pregnant women, St. Anna for Mothers and St. Juliana for Poor people.

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Saint Eulalia, Virgin and Martyr
Saint Julia, Virgin and Martyr
Saint Leocadia, Virgin and Martyr
Saint Margaret, Virgin and Martyr
Saint Maud, Queen
Saint Seraphia, Virgin and Martyr
Saint Zita, Virgin

List of Female Catholic Saints
The following list contains the names of Female Catholic Saints:

Mary the Blessed Virgin
Saint Lucy
Saint Therese of Lisieux
Saint Ada
Saint Adalsindis
Saint Adela
Saint Adelaide
Saint Adele
Saint Adelina
Saint Adeloga
Saint Afra
Saint Agape
Saint Agatha

List of Female Catholic Saints

Saint Agathoclia
Saint Agia
Saint Agilberta
Saint Agnes
Saint Agnes of Assisi
Saint Agatha
Saint Agnes of Boheinia
Saint Agnes of Montepulciano
Saint Agnes of Poitiers
Saint Agnes of Rome
Saint Agrippina
Saint Albina
Saint Alburga
Saint Aldegunais
Saint Aldo
Saint Alena
Saint Aleydis
Saint Alfreda
Saint Alkeld
Saint Almedha
Saint Alodia
Saint Amabilis
Saint Amalberga
Saint Amata
Saint Amelberga
Saint Amunia
Saint Anastasia
Saint Anastasia II
Saint Anastasia III
Saint Anastasia Patricia
Saint Anastasia the Patrician
Saint Anatolia
Saint Angadresma
Saint Angela Merici
Saint Angelo
Saint Anne
Saint Anne Line
Saint Anstrudis
Saint Anthusa
Saint Anthusa the Younger
Saint Anysia
Saint Apollinaris Syncletica
Saint Apollonia
Saint Apronia
Saint Aquilina
Saint Arilda
Saint Arthelais
Saint Ascelina
Saint Asella
Saint Asteria
Saint Athanasia
Saint Attalia
Saint Attracta
Saint Audrey
Saint Augusta
Saint Aurea
Saint Aurelia
Saint Austreberta
Saint Ava
Saint Balda
Saint Baldegundis
Saint Barbara
Saint Bartholomea Capitanjo
Saint Basilissa
Saint Basilla
Saint Bathildis
Saint Beatrix da Silva
Saint Bega
Saint Begga
Saint Belina
Saint Benedicta
Saint Berlinda
Saint Bernadette
Saint Bernadette Soubirous
Saint Bernardine of Siena
Saint Bertha
Saint Bertilia
Saint Bertilla Boscardin
Saint Bertoara
Saint Bibiana
Saint Bichier
Saint Bilhild
Saint Blaesilla
Saint Blandina
Saint Blath
Saint Breaca
Saint Bridget
Saint Bridget of Sweden
Saint Brigid of Ireland
Saint Bronach
Saint Buriana
Saint Caellainn
Saint Caesarea
Saint Caesaria
Saint Caesarn
Saint Camilla
Saint Candida
Saint Candida the Elder
Saint Cannera
Saint Carissima
Saint Carmen
Saint Casilda
Saint Catherine de Ricci
Saint Catherine Laboure
Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Saint Catherine of Bologna
Saint Catherine of Siena
Saint Catherine of Sweden
Saint Cecilia
Saint Celine
Saint Cera
Saint Charitina
Saint Charity
Saint Chelidonia
Saint Christina
Saint Cinnia
Saint Clare
Saint Clare of Montefalco
Saint Claudia
Saint Claudine Thevenet
Saint Cleopatra
Saint Clotilde
Saint Clotsindis
Saint Cocca
Saint Cocha
Saint Cointha
Saint Colette
Saint Columba
Saint Columba of Sens
Saint Connat
Saint Consortia
Saint Cunegundes
Saint Cunera
Saint Cuthburga
Saint Cyriaca
Saint Cyriaca
Saint Damhnade
Saint Darerca
Saint Darulagdach
Saint Demetria
Saint Desiderius
Saint Devota
Saint Digna
Saint Dionysia
Saint Domnina
Saint Dorothy
Saint Dorothy of Montau
Saint Dula
Saint Dulcissima
Saint Dymphna
Saint Eanfleda
Saint Eanswida
Saint Ebba
Saint Edana
Saint Edburga
Saint Edburga of Bicester
Saint Edburga of Winchester
Saint Edith of Polesworth
Saint Edith of Wilton
Saint Edwen
Saint Elfleda
Saint Elgiva
Saint Elined
Saint Elizabeth
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal
Saint Elizabeth of Schonau
Saint Elizabeth Rose
Saint Emerentiana
Saint Emiliana
Saint Emily de Rodat
Saint Emily de Vialar
Saint Emma
Saint Encratia
Saint Endellion
Saint Epicharis
Saint Epiphania
Saint Ethelgitha
Saint Ercongotha
Saint Eremberta
Saint Erentrude
Saint Erentrudis
Saint Erfyl
Saint Ergnad
Saint Ermelinda
Saint Ermenberga
Saint Ermengild
Saint Ermengytha
Saint Etheidreda
Saint Etheidwitha
Saint Ethelburga
Saint Ethelgiva
Saint Eugenia
Saint Eulalia of Merida
Saint Euphrosyne
Saint Euphrosyne of Polotsk
Saint Eurgain
Saint Eurosia
Saint Eusebia
Saint Eustadiola
Saint Eustochium
Saint Eustochium Calafato
Saint Eutropia
Saint Everild
Saint Exuperantia
Saint Fabiola
Saint Faith
Saint Fanchea
Saint Fara
Saint Faustina
Saint Febronia
Saint Felicitas
Saint Felicity
Saint Felicula
Saint Fina
Saint Flavia Domitilla
Saint Flora
Saint Flora & Mary
Saint Florentina
Saint Foila
Saint Franca Visalta
Saint Frances Bizzocca
Saint Frances de Croissy
Saint Frideswide
Saint Galla
Saint Gaudentia
Saint Gebetrude
Saint Gemma Galgani
Saint Genevieve
Saint Georgia
Saint Germana Cousin
Saint Gertrude
Saint Gertrude of Hamage
Saint Gertrude of Nivelles
Saint Gibitrudis
Saint Gladys
Saint Glodesind
Saint Gobnata
Saint Godebertha
Saint Gorgonia
Saint Grata
Saint Grimonia
Saint Gudelia
Saint Gudula
Saint Gundelindis
Saint Gundenis
Saint Gwen
Saint Hedwig
Saint Helen of Skovde
Saint Helena
Saint Heliconis
Saint Hereswitha
Saint Hermione
Saint Hieu
Saint Hilaria
Saint Hilda
Saint Hildegard of Bingen
Saint Hildegarde
Saint Hildegund
Saint Hildelitba
Saint Hildemarca
Saint Honorata
Saint Humbeline
Saint Humilitas
Saint Hunegund
Saint Hunna
Saint Hyacinth
Saint Ia
Saint Illuminata
Saint Imma
Saint Ingrid of Sweden
Saint Irais
Saint Irenaeus and Mustiola
Saint Irene
Saint Irmina
Saint Isabel of France
Saint Isberga
Saint Isidora
Saint Isidora the Simple
Saint Ita
Saint Jane Antide Thouret
Saint Jane Elizabeth Bichier des Ages
Saint Jane Frances de Chantal
Saint Jane Gerald, Blessed
Saint Jessica
Saint Joan de Lestonnac
Saint Joan of Arc
Saint Joan of Valois
Saint Joanna
Saint Josephine Bakhita
Saint Jucunda
Saint Jude Thaddaeus
Saint Julia
Saint Julia Maria Ledóchowska
Saint Julia of Billiart
Saint Julia of Merida
Saint Julian of Bologna
Saint Juliana
Saint Juliana Falconieri
Saint Juliana of Cumae
Saint Juliana of Nicomedia
Saint Juliana of Norwich
Saint Juliana of Pavilly
Saint Julie Billiart
Saint Julitta
Saint Justina of Padua
Saint Jutta
Saint Katharine Drexel
Saint Kennera
Saint Kennocha
Saint Kentigerna
Saint Kevoca
Saint Keyne
Saint Kiara
Saint Kinga
Saint Kinnia
Saint Kundegunda
Saint Kyneburga
Saint Landrada
Saint Lasar
Saint Laura
Saint Lea
Saint Lelia
Saint Leocrita
Saint Liberata
Saint Limbania
Saint Lioba
Saint Louis of Omura
Saint Louise de Marillac
Saint Lucy Filippini
Saint Lutgardis
Saint Luthfild
Saint Luthgard
Saint Lybe
Saint Lydia Purpuraria
Saint Lydwine
Saint Macra
Saint Macrina the Elder
Saint Macrina the Younger
Saint Madalberta
Saint Madeleine Brideau
Saint Madeleine Lidoine
Saint Madeline Sophie Barat
Saint Manechildis
Saint Marana and Cyra
Saint Marcella
Saint Marcellina
Saint Marciana
Saint Margaret
Saint Margaret Bourgeoys
Saint Margaret Clitherow
Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
Saint Margaret of Antioch
Saint Margaret of Cortona
Saint Margaret of England
Saint Margaret of Hungary
Saint Margaret of Scotland
Saint Margaret the Barefooted
Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys
Saint Marguerite D'Youville
Saint Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa
Saint Maria de Cerevellon
Saint Maria Dominic Mazzarello
Saint Maria Francesca Gallo
Saint Maria Giuseppe Rossello
Saint Maria Goretti
Saint Maria Magdalen Dei Pazzi
Saint Maria Magdalen of Canossa
Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres
Saint Maria Soledad
Saint Mariana
Saint Mariana de Paredes
Saint Marie Claude Brard
Saint Marie Croissy
Saint Marie Dufour
Saint Marie Hanisset
Saint Marie Magdalen Desjardin
Saint Marie Magdalen Fontaine
Saint Marie Magdalen Postel
Saint Marie Meunier
Saint Marie Teresa Couderc
Saint Marie Trezelle
Saint Marina
Saint Martha
Saint Martha Wang
Saint Martina
Saint Mary
Saint Mary Cleophas
Saint Mary Di Rosa
Saint Mary Magdalen Postel
Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi
Saint Mary Magdelene
Saint Mary Margaret d'Youville
Saint Mary of Egypt
Saint Mary Salome
Saint Mary the Consoler
Saint Mary the Slave
Saint Mathilda
Saint Matilda
Saint Matrona
Saint Maura
Saint Maura Troyes
Saint Maurontus
Saint Maxellendis
Saint Maxentia of Beauvais
Saint Maxima
Saint Mechtildis
Saint Mechtildis of Helfta
Saint Medana
Saint Melangell
Saint Melania
Saint Melania the Elder
Saint Melitina
Saint Mella
Saint Menefrida
Saint Menehould
Saint Menna
Saint Merewenna
Saint Merryn
Saint Messalina
Saint Milburga
Saint Mildgytha
Saint Mildred
Saint Modesta
Saint Modwenna
Saint Monegundis
Saint Monennaa
Saint Monessa
Saint Monica
Saint Morwenna
Saint Musa
Saint Myrope
Saint Namadia
Saint Natalia
Saint Nennoc
Saint Nicarete
Saint Nino
Saint Non
Saint Notburga
Saint Obitius
Saint Odilia
Saint Offa
Saint Olga
Saint Oliva
Saint Olympias
Saint Opportuna
Saint Osburga
Saint Osmanna
Saint Osyth
Saint Paschasia
Saint Patricia
Saint Paula
Saint Paula Frasinetti
Saint Pega
Saint Pelagia
Saint Pelagia of Antioch
Saint Pelagia of Tarsus
Saint Perpetua
Saint Perseveranda
Saint Petronilla
Saint Pharaildis
Saint Philomena
Saint Phoebe
Saint Photina
Saint Pierre-Francois Neron
Saint Placide Viel
Saint Placidia
Saint Platonides
Saint Pomposa
Saint Potamioene the Younger
Saint PraxedesSaint Principia
Saint Prisca
Saint Priscilla
Saint Pudentiana
Saint Puicheria Augusta
Saint Pusinna
Saint Quiteria
Saint Rachilidis
Saint Radegunde
Saint Regina
Saint Reineldis
Saint Relindis
Saint Reparata
Saint Restituta
Saint Restituta of Sora
Saint Rhipsime
Saint Rhuddlad
Saint Richrudis
Saint Rita
Saint Rita Amada de Jesus
Saint Rita of Cascia
Saint Romana
Saint Romlua
Saint Rosalia
Saint Rose of Lima
Saint Rose Phillipine Duchesne
Saint Rufina
Saint Rusticula
Saint Saethryth
Saint Salaberga
Saint Samthan
Saint Samthann
Saint Saturnina
Saint Savina
Saint Scholastica
Saint Secundina
Saint Senorina
Saint Seraphina
Saint Serapia
Saint Serenus the Gardener
Saint Severa
Saint Sexburga
Saint Sofia
Saint Susanna
Saint Tabitha
Saint Talida
Saint Tanca
Saint Tarbula
Saint Tarsicia
Saint Tarsilla
Saint Teath
Saint Teresa de los Andes
Saint Teresa Kim Im-i
Saint Teresa Margaret Redi
Saint Teresa of Avila
Saint Teresa of Jesus Jornet Ibars
Saint Teresa of Portugal
Saint Tetta
Saint Thais
Saint Thea
Saint Thecla
Saint Thecla of Kitzingen
Saint Theobald
Saint Theoctiste
Saint Theodichildis
Saint Theodora
Saint Theodora & Didymus
Saint Theodosia
Saint Theorigitha (Tortgyth)
Saint Theresa Coudere
Saint Thordgith
Saint Tigridia
Saint Tochmura
Saint Trea
Saint Triduna
Saint Trypbaena
Saint Tryphonia
Saint Tudy
Saint Tydfil
Saint Ulphia
Saint Ursula
Saint Valentina
Saint Valentina
Saint Valeria
Saint Valeria
Saint Venaranda
Saint Verena
Saint Veridiana
Saint Veronica
Saint Veronica Giuliani
Saint Victoria
Saint Victoria of Tivoli
Saint Vincentia Maria Lopez Y Vicuna
Saint Vincenza Gerosa
Saint Vincenza Mary Lopez y Vicuna
Saint Vissia
Saint Vitalina
Saint Walburga
Saint Wastrada
Saint Werburg
Saint Werburga
Saint Wiborada
Saint Wilfretrudis
Saint Wilfrida
Saint Wilgefortis
Saint Wiltrudis
Saint Winebald
Saint Winifred
Saint Withburga
Saint Wivina
Saint Wulfhilda
Saint Zdislava of Lemberk
Saint Zita

Female Catholic Saints
The above list contains the names of Female Catholic Saints.


Female Catholic Saints

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Female Catholic Saints